News Bits: MI-5, Terminator, Tunnels, Penn

The long-running British spy series “Spooks” got its own film in the UK back in May, a film dubbed “Spooks: The Greater Good” which saw “Game of Thrones” hunk Kit Harington join the cast.

Now, Saban Films have announced a December release date for the film in the United States, and the film will go by the same name as the series was given in its U.S. release – “MI-5”. [Source: Deadline]

The Tunnels
“Borgen” creator and “The Hunt” writer Tobias Lindholm is teaming with director Paul Greengrass on an adaptation of author Greg Mitchell’s upcoming nonfiction novel “The Tunnels”.

The story follows a group of West Germans attempting to sneak into East Berlin with the aid of American news networks. Lindholm will write the screenplay. [Source: Deadline]

Terminator: Genisys
With just over $440 million in box-office revenue, $350M of which is from overseas audiences, “Terminator: Genisys” has reportedly edged out the likes of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Ant-Man” in terms of box-office success and is currently the tenth highest worldwide grosser of the year. [Source: Box-Office Mojo]

Sean Penn
Sean Penn has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against “Empire” creator Lee Daniels over a recent interview in which Penn was falsely accused of hitting women by being likened to “Empire” star Terrence Howard.

In his complaint, Penn nods to reports that Howard has publicly admitted to physically abusing women and says that Daniels’ statements are “egregious” on several levels. [Source: Deadline]