News Bits: Masculinity, Town, Flawed, Beerfest

Screen Masculinity
For almost a year, Graffiti with Punctuation editor Blake Howard and I have been discussing doing a series of essays about a topic of mutual interest – portrayals of masculinity on screen. The aim is to explore our favorite elements of the topic, to get quite personal and to come up with something hopefully compelling.

We’ve now begun that journey over the next few months starting with the first piece by Blake. It took him to some challenging places, but the result is intimate, passionate, complex and ultimately wonderful and sets a tone for promising reading to come. I urge you to check out the piece in our features section, or by clicking here and to leave feedback on it if possible.

River Town
Chinese helmer Lu Chuan is attached to direct and produce the Tristine Skyler=penned adaptation of Peter Hessler’s memoir “River Town” for Fugitive Films. Jamie Gordon and Courtney Potts will produce.

The memoir depicts a celebrated American writer’s journey to China for the long-awaited Chinese publication of his first book, triggering memories from two decades earlier when he taught English literature to Chinese college students while on the brink of a nation’s unprecedented change. [Source: Deadline]

“Zoo” writer Rebekah F. Smith has been tapped to adapt Cecelia Ahern’s upcoming young adult sci-fi novel “Flawed” for Warner Bros. Pictures. Wendy Finerman and Michelle Chydzik will produce.

Set in a world where anyone dubbed disobedient is deemed ‘flawed’ and so are branded and forced to live as second-class citizens. When a popular teenager who’s living a perfect life attempts to stand up for a ‘flawed’ passenger on a bus, she’s not only deemed ‘flawed’ herself, but becomes an unlikely poster girl for a growing rebellion. [Source: Variety]

Beerfest: The Web Series
The Broken Lizard guys have confirmed they are NOT involved in the upcoming web series sequel to their nearly decade old comedy “Beerfest”. Steve Lemme was asked about it on Twitter following its announcement over the weekend and said: “No. They asked. We said no. They are doing it anyway. Prepare yourself for something sub par.”

The Broken Lizard guys are busy this year anyway on a sequel that are very much involved in, the “Super Troopers” follow-up which raised well over 4.5 million dollars from an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. The plan is to shoot the film this Summer.