News Bits: Live, Serpent, Ruins, Private, Rift

Live By Night
Ben Affleck has posted the first photo from the set of “Live By Night”, the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Prohibition-era crime thriller which Affleck is both starring in and directing. The shot includes both Affleck and his cinematographer Robert Richardson in between takes conversing. The film itself is slated for release in 2017. [Source: Twitter]

The Serpent
Ciro Guerra (“Embrace Of The Serpent”) has signed to make his English-language directing debut on the dystopian adventure “The Detainee” for Thunder Road Pictures and Film House Germany.

An adaptation of Peter Liney’s trilogy by scribe Grant Myers (“The Maze Runner”), the story is set on an island from which there’s no escape. Christian Angermayer and Basil Iwanyk will produce. [Source: Deadline]

The Ruins
Fox Searchlight and Joe Wright’s Shoebox Films are teaming to develop the India-set supernatural thriller “The Ruins” with Jon Croker (“Desert Dancer,” “The Woman In Black 2: The Angel Of Death”) penning the project.

Still in its early stages, the plan is to develop the film as a potential directing vehicle for Wright who wil first do an episode of Netflix’s anthology series “Black Mirror”. Croker is currently adapting Enid Blyton’s classic “The Famous Five” books into a film for Working Title. [Source: Deadline]

Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures are teaming to develop a film adaptation of Kate Brian’s bestselling young adult book series “Private”. Les Morgenstein and Elysa Dutton will produce.

Spanning over a dozen books, the story revolves around 17-year-old Reed Brennan, who transfers to Easton Academy with dreams of a golden future. She soon learns there are dark secrets hidden behind the ivy-covered brick walls. [Source: Deadline]

Rift Uprising
Michael Sugar and Ivan Reitman are set to produce a film version of Amy S. Foster’s upcoming science-fiction novel “The Rift Uprising” for Anonymous Content, Montecito Picture Company and Foundry Media & Literary.

The story is set in the Oregon wilderness, where a rift has opened and a group of militarized teens known as the Citadels must protect humankind from hostile creatures that come from the portal. [Source: Variety]