News Bits: Hercules, Avengers, Atlantis, Loft

The latest issue of Empire Magazine has revealed four new photos from Brett Ratner’s upcoming “Hercules” film featuring Dwayne Johnson. The new shots showcase the pair along with the villainous Autolycus (Rufus Sewell) and the enormous Rhesus (Tobias Santelmann). Click here to check out those photos.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Mark Ruffalo has confirmed that the cast of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con next month: “Yeah, we’re gonna go out there. We’re all flying, we’re flying from London. We’re working. We’re shooting. We’re gonna stop and get on a plane and go to Comic Con together. It’s gonna be amazing.”

Asked if fans at the Con will get to see some footage next month, he says: “There might be some cool new Hulk, Hulk-o, Hulk-o-phobia, Hulk-o-phernalia. Hulk-a-phernalia!” [Source: Collider]

CBS Films has secured the film rights to A.G. Riddle’s self-published “Atlantis” novel trilogy which has been published over the course of the past fifteen months.

The story revolves around a brilliant geneticist and an international counterterrorism agent who team to thwart a global pandemic and learn the truth behind the origins of humanity. [Source: Deadline]

The Loft
After an initial delay of a year, from last August, Universal Pictures has changed the release date of its crime thriller “The Loft” yet again – this time pulling it from the schedule altogether with no new date yet announced. John Erick and Drew Dowdle’s Paris catacombs-set psychological thriller “As Above/So Below” will now take its place in August, that film opening on the 15th.

Karl Urban, James Marsden, Rhona Mitra, Wentworth Miller and Eric Stonestreet star in “The Loft”, a remake of a 2008 Belgian film, which follows five married men who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city to carry out illicit sexual affairs. When the corpse of an unknown woman is found there, each begins to suspect the other. [Source: THR]