News Bits: Extraction, AIP, Overstock, Interview

Bruce Willis has joined the cast of Stephen C. Miller’s thriller “Extraction” which begins filming next month in Alabama. Randall Emmett, George Furla and Adam Goldworm will produce.

Willis plays a former CIA operative working with his son on the development of a lethal weapon. The father is then kidnapped by a terrorist group. [Source: Variety]

Cinedigm is planning a shared cinematic universe consisting of ten remakes of classic American International Pictures exploitation films like “Girls in Prison,” “The Cool and the Crazy,” “She-Creature” and “The Brain Eaters”.

The films will be shot starting in September with cast and directors to be announced soon. The storylines and characters will all be part of a single story arc over the ten projects. Cinedigm will handle the theatrical release, DVD, digital, TV and nontheatrical formats. [Source: Variety]

Overstock, a site claiming to be second only to Amazon in retail sales on the Web, plans to launch a VOD service by mid-2015 with about 30,000 titles. It will then start a streaming service with both acquired content and originals.

The site reportedly gets 25 to 40 million unique visitors a month and will use an analysis of what those people search for to determine what kind of movies and TV shows to make available. [Source: THR]

The Interview
Netflix has announced that the controversial comedy “The Interview” will be made available to Netflix subscribers starting this Saturday, January 24th. The film is debuting on the SVOD service just thirty days after it debuted in theaters and on pay-per-view, the shortest window to date from a theatrical debut to a Netflix release for a major studio release.

The news comes as Sony has announced today that the film has pulled in more than $40 million in revenue via digital platforms and has been viewed more than 5.8 million times. The film has also grossed $5.9m through a limited theatrical release via arthouse cinemas. [Source: Netflix]