News Bits: Drax, Kingsman, Blink, Pulse, Chaos

The 9th Life of Louis Drax
The first photo is out of Jamie Dornan in the thriller “The 9th Life Of Louis Drax”. The story follows a boy in a coma (Aiden Longworth) and Dornan plays a neurologist who fights to awaken him from his comatose state. The films said to be akin to movies like “Vertigo” and “Bunny Lake is Missing” in tone. [Source: Empire]

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Earlier this week I sat down with the two young stars of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” – actors Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson. Fresh out of drama school with some stage and TV work under their belt, “Kingsman” is their first foray onto the big screen and this charming pair were happy to discuss their experience below:

Noam Murro (“300: Rise of an Empire”) has signed on to direct the thriller “Blink”. Hernany Perla penned the script and filming begins this Summer.

The story centers on a man was was left fully paralyzed during an infamous, unsolved bank robbery. He’s taken hostage for the secrets in his head, and with only the use of his eyes, he has to outwit his captors and solve the mystery of the heist. [Source: THR]

VFX expert turned filmmaker Jabbar Raisani (“Alien Outpost”) has optioned Jeremy Robinson’s bestselling ‘Jack Sigler’ book series and plans to adapt and direct “Pulse,” the first book in the series.

The story follows a genetics company founder who has discovered the key to eternal life: an ancient artifact buried in the Peruvian desert. When he steals the artifact and abducts an archeologist, U.S. Special Forces Delta operator Jack Sigler and his race to stop the founder before he changes the face of the world. [Source: Variety]

A Little Chaos
Focus Features has pulled its Kate Winslet-led historical drama “A Little Chaos” from its planned March 27th release date. No new date has been set.

Alan Rickman directed the film from a screenplay he wrote with Alison Deegan and Jeremy Brock. Winslet plays a female landscape designer tasked with overseeing part of the Versailles gardens during the reign of King Louis XIV (Rickman). [Source: Variety]