News Bits: Batman, Plane, Silent, K, Strange

The Batman
Fans have been stoked since Ben Affleck revealed Deathstroke would join the DC Extended Universe in Justice League, as well as being the primary antagonist in The Batman. Not long after, Geoff Johns confirmed the rumors about Joe Manganiello portraying the super-lethal mercenary. Aside from Affleck, Manganiello, and J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon, no other casting details have emerged for the solo Bat-flick thus far.

Actress Anna Kendrick has been amusingly half-lobbying, half-goading Ben Affleck for a female Robin role in Affleck’s upcoming “The Batman” feature. Now she has one major supporter, Deathstroke himself actor Joe Manganiello who posted a photo of the two of them together showing his support. [Source: Instagram]

We’re The Only Plane In The Sky
MGM has won an auction for the rights to Garrett M. Graff’s Politico magazine story “We’re The Only Plane In The Sky” which tells real-time story of how the U.S. government handled the evacuation of President George W. Bush from a classroom in Florida after learning of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks.

The story is presented in oral history form as the president’s staff, military men and bodyguards – and the journalists covering him, 65 in total – spent eight hours alone in U.S. airspace. While the nation was glued to TV sets and getting real-time updates on the attacks, Air Force One was essentially flying blind. [Source: Deadline]

Silent Night
Fox International Productions has come onboard and plans to co-finance the World War II thriller “Silent Night” from White Horse Pictures. James Luckard wrote the screenplay and filming aims to begin next year in Europe once a director is locked.

Set in 1941 Berlin, a brutal serial killer roams the blacked-out streets, targeting young women. Determined to keep the nation focused on the war effort, Nazi leadership tasks a homicide detective with tracking down the killer. He’s soon forced to ally himself with the only living authority on the mind of a serial killer – a renowned Jewish criminal psychologist. [Source: Variety]

K Troop
Pulitzer-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan (“Hacksaw Ridge,” “All The Way”) has been tapped to write Amazon Studios’ feature “K Troop” which deals with the rise of the KKK in the American South in 1860s and the man who led the U.S. Army’s elite K Troop that brutally fought the group in 1871.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is developing the project and producing through his hitRECord Films banner along with eyeing it as a star vehicle. Schenkkan also is writing a historical feature for director Robert Redford about the Manhattan Project.

Doctor Strange
Another TV spot for Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” film is out, this one putting the focus on the supporting characters in the film played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen and more. The movie itself is slated to open Friday October 28th.