New “X-Men” Photo, Character Details

“Twilight” actor Edi Gathegi, who plays Darwin in “X-Men: First Class”, has explained his character’s rather fascinating powers to CBM.

“My character’s mutant ability is reactive adaptation. For instance if I fall from a building my bones turn to rubber. Or if the lights go out I have perfect vision in the pitch black. Or if I happen to get catapulted into outer space, my body no longer requires oxygen. That sort of thing. And the list is as extensive as the need to survive” he says.

He adds that “Darwin is more or less a regular guy. And by that I mean he isn’t painted blue or anything. So visual effects are specifically relegated to my use of powers not for my overall look. Makeup was virtually non-existent.”

Meanwhile a new photo of Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) in a key scene from the film.