New “X-Files” To Boast More Standalones

FOX has confirmed that the upcoming second season of the revival of “The X-Files,” the show’s eleventh season overall, will only have two mythology episodes in its ten-episode run.

Just like the previous revival season, the show’s tenth overall, it will only be the season premiere and finale that will deal with the X-Files mythology directly.

The remainder of the season will be standalone episodes. Whereas the tenth season only boasted four of these, the upcoming eleventh will have eight.

David Madden, President of Fox Broadcasting, confirmed the news at the Television Critics Association today and added that the mythology episodes will be “much simpler than last season”. The writers room has also added two female writers and two female directors.

CEO of Fox Television Group Dana Walden adds: “Everyone’s seen the first script and it’s excellent, so I think it’s a very good starting place for the show and we’re excited about the next season.”

The news comes as the first season of the revival was met with a mixed reaction, though the standalone episodes not penned by series creator Chris Carter garnered the best reviews and it sounds like we’ll be getting a lot more of those in the new run.

“The X-Files” returns to Fox in 2018.

Source: The Live Feed