New X-Files Movie Next Summer?

During the TCA (Television Press Tour) to promote Showtime series “Californication”, actor David Duchovny said that another “X-Files” film was indeed going forward and that “Gillian [Anderson] is onboard.”

IGN Movies talked further with Duchovny who claims the reason he was sure about this script was because “I’m actually supposed to see it next week! Before I would just say that [there was a movie] because they told me, but now, after talking to Chris [Carter] — he’s been giving me progress reports – and he actually called yesterday, and said ‘Next week, you should have something to read.'”

Will it be standalone? “It should be. It should be a one-off, yeah.” As for potential filming dates? “I think it was November, for a summer release.” When asked if that would be summer 2008.”

Despite the claims studio 20th Century Fox, who owns The X-Files, has not confirmed the project.