New “Winter Soldier” Pics, Chris Evans Talks

Following on from yesterday’s new poster releases, Chris Evans has spoken about his work on the superhero sequel “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and how both the character and the tone of the series has changed for the follow-up. Asked about the Steve Rogers character in this entry, he tells IGN:

“In this movie, it’s about him trying to not just acclimate to the modern world, but I think it’s always been Cap’s goal to do what’s right and to be of service and to help where he can.

In this movie I think the question is, ‘Well, what is right?’ I think it was a lot easier in the 1940s to know who the evil was — there’s no disputing Nazis are bad! Now it becomes a little more of a difficult answer. There’s a lot more of a gray area of ‘What is the right thing? Are you of service to that cause?’

That becomes a tricky dispute for Cap, because things were just done differently in the 1940s. The threats are different now. Precautionary measures that are taken now can be questionable and somewhat suspect in his eyes. So it’s a tough hurdle for him to jump.”

The film is something of a reboot of the series already, a very different approach to both the first film and “The Avengers”. Part of that is because the character is the most human of the Marvel superheroes, so the subject matter has to be more realistic as well:

“Well, he is a really human superhero. He doesn’t shoot lightning, he doesn’t fly, he has very meat-and-potatoes-type powers. So I think it’s only appropriate that the tone and the theme fits more of a human element.

It does have kind of a grounded, political thriller tone to it, and I think that just goes hand in hand with the character. It just works.

Like I said earlier, they’re also trying to infuse much more human conflict that doesn’t necessarily have to do with fighting monsters and doing giant stunts. It’s just about him coping with moral issues, about right and wrong, good and bad. That’s stuff we can all relate to.”

Evans also touched upon the interpersonal relationships and how they both ground and make Rogers a more interesting character:

“Cap’s such a good guy, it’s hard for him to bleed — not just literally, but figuratively, you know what I mean? He doesn’t want to burden anyone with his struggles, so any way we can push him in more of a human direction where he does show weakness and he does struggle and he does connect with people and show vulnerability, I think that grounds him a little bit. It just makes him more interesting.

All the relationships, especially with Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) and Sam (Anthony Mackie). Even though we do have Winter Soldier, he’s not, you know — we’re doing third act stuff right now. For the meat of the film, for the majority of the film, the connections that he makes that I think really bring him to life are with Natasha and Sam.”

Finally, a couple of new photos from the film are out which you can see below: