New Who Mid-Season Trailer

The stars are disappearing and “the darkness” is coming. Rose (Billie Piper) has returned and is blowing up things with big ass gun.

Walking skeletons; shadows that kill; the TARDIS on fire; and a silhouette hinting the return of Davros, the mutated mad scientist who created the Daleks and was last seen on our screens two decades ago, can all be found in the new mid-season trailer for “Doctor Who”.

The trailer provides a much needed jolt to what has been an unremarkable season so far. An excellent Rome-set episode, and a moderately good Sontaran two-parter have soothed us through some tedious times, ranging from the just-decent Agatha Christie and Adipose episodes, to the tedious Ood planet and the “Doctor’s Daughter” which hit a low not seen since Season Two’s odious “Love and Monsters”.

Catherine Tate as the best companion so far has proven a blessing and has often saved many of the show’s weaker scenes with her more emotional, comedic and grounded approach. The good news is that – much like last season – the final six episodes are looking to be, hopefully, a stellar run.

The preview aired during Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest finale which pre-empted ‘Who’ in the UK. The remaining six episodes of the fourth season kick off from Saturday on BBC1.