New “Van Helsing,” “Alien” Franchise Rumors

As part of an extensive article about the underperformance of tentpole features at the domestic box-office this past weekend, THR has offered up some brief updates on two in the works franchise features.

The first is the “Van Helsing” reboot that will be a part of Universal Pictures’ “Dark Universe” initiative. The studio is pressing forward with it, despite the underperformance of “The Mummy” reboot which took in $390 million worldwide.

The trade says because of that, the studio will be putting more time toward script development on Dark Universe movies and are also said to be eyeing Channing Tatum for the “Van Helsing” movie as that project’s script is now undergoing a final polish.

The other franchise in question is that of “Alien”. Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” was a flop, pulling in just $232 million worldwide, nearly $200 million less than its predecessor. Reviews ended up being on par as well in aggregate scores.

Scott spent the film’s press tour promising at least two more films, but now that may not happen as the trade says Fox intends to “reassess” the future of the franchise. Scott is busy filming “All The Money In The World” and will then do the Don Winslow adaptation “The Cartel” so don’t expect any quick movement on the next “Alien” for some time.