New Updates On Both “Spider-Man” Films

Along with the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” title reveal, Sony’s CinemaCon presentation also offered some updates on the other Spider-Man” film in the works – the animated one which Sony Pictures Animation is working on for a December 21st 2018 release.

S.P.A. President president Kristine Belson talked up the film, saying it will present “a vision of Spider-man that will take your breath away… conceptually and visually, it will break new ground for the superhero genre.” Those are bold claims, and she’s well aware of that, but it probably won’t be until well into next year that we’ll see what she’s suggesting.

“The LEGO Movie” alum Phil Lord and Chris Miller penned the film’s treatment and are producing the project, but are unlikely to direct due to their Han Solo film directing commitments.

Back to the live-action Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige appeared at the “Captain America: Civil War” junket the other day and said going much younger with Spider-Man this time out was crucial to their strategy:

“We wanted to show a much younger Spidey, in contrast to our other heroes, a Spidey who – as was he was in the early ’60s, when he was first created in the Marvel bullpen – was totally different from the Marvel heroes. The other heroes don’t have to worry about homework. They don’t have to worry about being home at a certain time. That’s what makes Spider-Man Spider-Man.

We also wanted to let audiences know he’s already Spider-Man; he’s been Spider-Man for a little while when we meet him. There wasn’t the expectation we’d tell an origin. I think everybody in the world already knows.”

Filming on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” begins shortly ahead of a July 2017 release.