New “Uncharted 4” Clip, No Trilogy Remaster

This weekend’s Playstation Experience delivered both good and bad news in regards to Sony’s biggest exclusive video game franchise – the “Uncharted” series.

On the good side, a full fifteen minutes of gameplay from one of the key levels on the upcoming fourth “Uncharted” game was on offer. The graphics are gorgeous, especially considering this is a ‘pre-alpha’ build and so much of it isn’t quite finished yet.

The level puts us back on a tropical island (ala the first “Uncharted” and the “Tomb Raider” reboot). The gameplay is familiar, but also seems to suggest that stealth may come into play a bit more in this particular outing.

Developers Naughty Dog also answered some questions about other projects they are working on and that’s when they delivered the bad news. Despite requests for it, the company says there is “nothing brewing” in regards to a PS4 remastered version of the three previous PS3 games.

The hope was Sony would do for “Uncharted” what Microsoft did for “Halo” with the recent release of the ‘Master Chief Collection’ ahead of the next chapter in the series. Sadly it looks like that won’t be happening.

Naughty Dog also shot down “Crash Bandicoot” reboot rumors saying Activision now owns the property, but they did confirm plans to offer new DLC for “The Last of Us.” Unfortunately this new content will NOT be a part of the ‘Season Pass’ for the game.

Source: Gaming Bolt