New “Twin Peaks” To Be “One Big Movie”

Following on from Showtime’s Television Critics Association panel in which they confirmed the “Twin Peaks” revival begins shooting this Fall, Showtime Networks President David Nevins has now gone into further details about the show’s return in a separate interview with Slashfilm.

The project made headlines earlier this year due to contract negotiation troubles between the network and David Lynch over the proposed nine episodes that were going to be produced. The negotiations ultimately ended up in the best possible place though, with Lynch taking the directorial reigns for all of the episodes and with the run extended beyond the original nine:

“What happened was it became clear it was going to take more than nine episodes which was what we originally planned and budgeted for the length of the series. We had to work out the details of the series and I really wanted David to direct the whole thing. We eventually got through it.

They’re going to shoot the whole thing and then they’re going to start post. Bottom line is I’ll take it when they’re ready with it. I can’t get any clear whether it’s ’16 or ’17 but I’m hoping sooner than later. They’re going to decide. I expect it to be more than nine but it’s open ended. I know what his shooting schedule and I’ll let him cut it into as many episodes as wants to. He’s directing it as one long movie is basically how he’s approaching it.”

Casting is apparently still underway on the project, and Nevins says the process is “fairly clear where it’s going”. Hopefully the series will be getting a late 2016 bow from the sounds of it.