New Trailers: Believer, Distorted, Catcher

Several new trailers are out today, starting with the Korean film “Believer” – a remake of Johnnie To’s celebrated 2012 crime saga “Drug War”. The film opens in South Korea later this month and has been picked up by Well Go USA Entertainment for North American distribution.

Hae-yeong Lee helms the story which follows a low-level drug dealer conspires with a dangerously ambitious cop to bring down a major cartel’s psychotic kingpin. Jin-woong Jo, Ju-hyuk Kim, Sung-ryung Kim and Jun-yeol Ryu star.

QME Entertainment has released the official trailer for the Christina Ricci, John Cusack and Brendan Fletcher-led psychological thriller “Distorted”. The story follows a married couple who move into a coveted luxury ultra-modern condo.

The wife begins to suspect the building has a dark side and seeks the help of an investigative journalist and soon they uncover the building may be brainwashing unsuspecting residents. Rob King helms the film which opens in cinemas on June 22nd.

Finally, IFC has released the trailer for Ben Lewin’s “The Catcher Was A Spy”. The Sundance entry stars Paul Rudd as an American All-Star baseball athlete who worked on a side job – clandestinely spying for the U.S. government and who helped the U.S. defeat Nazi Germany in the race to build the atomic bomb. Mark Strong, Jeff Daniels, Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Paul Giamatti and Hiroyuki Sanada star in the film which also opens June 22nd.