New Trailer: Baz Luhrmann’s “Get Down” Series

Netflix is continuing its plans to pump out a new series every few weeks, and set to hit shortly is Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down,” his coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of the 1970s music scene and detailing the rise of hip-hop.

A new trailer has arrived which you can see below and boasts a new song by hip-hop legend Nas who serves as an executive producer on the series. In an unusual move for the streaming service – it seems the twelve-episode first season will be split in half with only the first six episodes arriving on that date.

Populated mostly by a cast of complete unknowns bar a couple of familiar faces like Jimmy Smits, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jaden Smith, the series is hitting at a time when it’ll be under some pressure considering the most recent 1970s music industry set TV series from a high-profile filmmaker, the Scorsese-produced “Vinyl” on HBO, was recently cancelled after one season following poor ratings and reviews.