New “Torchwood” & “True Blood” Promos

After scant seconds of footage so far, a full length trailer has finally arrived for this fourth season/mini-reboot of the British sci-fi series. Now a co-production between US cable network Starz and the BBC, the budget has notably increased and the shift of locale to the United States for much of the action has lead to an American network show look – more cinematic but less high-res in look.

This new take on the property may upset some of the original’s fans, especially in its home country. Yet some very “Torchwood”-esque moments still shine through in this clip, most notably with scenes featuring Gwen and Captain Jack:

Meanwhile HBO has released a new trailer for the fourth season of “True Blood” that gives us a good look at the antagonists for the season (A Witch Coven of Necromancers), plus the storyline which deals with the aftermath of Russell Edgington’s actions last year.