New “Titans,” “Doom Patrol” Character Details

With Warners set to launch the DC Universe streaming service this Fall, some more details about some of the early shows on it are starting to pop up.

First up is “Titans,” the flagship show of the new service. Though based on the “Teen Titans” comics, the series is said to be a very dark and gritty take on the material which will have a more supernatural flavour than other DC shows on the air at present.

To that end, it has been revealed over on Fandom Wire that former “Castle” regular Seamus Dever’s mysterious role in the series will be that of the demon Trigon. This would make sense in regards to the show putting a large focus on Raven’s powers in the narrative.

The heroes have most often taken on Deathstroke in the comics, but that character has both been done by DC’s TV division with “Arrow” and briefly on the big screen in the end credits of “Justice League”.

Another of the DC streaming service shows, and one that gets something of a backdoor pilot as part of the fifth episode of “Titans,” is that of “Doom Patrol”.

A new character breakdown for the show, based on the notable Grant Morrison run of the comic, has gone up at That Hashtag Show and confirms the character Crazy Jane is a series regular.

In the comics she developed dissociative identity disorder as a result of her abusive childhood, maintaining 64 distinct personalities. The TV version will be similar but has also been described as “Harley Quinn-esque”. Though a regular on the show, the character will NOT be appearing in that special “Titans” episode.