New “The Avengers” Trailer Arrives

We’ve had the post-“Captain America” teaser, now though comes the first official trailer for Marvel’s big-budget team-up project “The Avengers”. Apple has posted it in high-definition, but if you can’t wait for the download watch the streaming embed below.

It’s an odd trailer in my opinion – the initial shots before any of the cast appears is very “Transformers”-esque with exploding cars, lots of military personnel firing guns in streets, and so on. When they do appear Downey gets a few choice lines, and there’s a bit of action for each character, but it’s still kept pretty simple.

The choice of a great Nine Inch Nails song from 1999 on the other hand simply feels awkward and out of place, hopefully something more suitable will be used for the next one. This should yield some interesting and divisive reaction.