New “Steel”, “Knight”, “Avengers” Details


Man of Steel
Black helicopters, guns and soldiers have all turned up on the set of the Superman reboot in Plano, Illinois.

Photos from the shooting on Facebook confirm Christopher Meloni being on-set as Colonel Hardy, while other shots show off Henry Cavill as Clark Kent who appears to be glasses free in this incarnation.

The Dark Knight Rises
Shooting began in Los Angeles on Friday and local businesses and home owners scored a letter with details on the production’s schedule. A photo copy of that is already online.

Shooting is currently taking place in Lawndale in a building opposite the El Camino baseball field. It will then break for a few days and then continue at the same locale on Wednesday and Thursday. The notice says it will involve “explosion, sparks and atmospheric smoke effects”.

Also three of the Tumblers have been spotted parked outside a Quincy, Illinois shop which has lead to talk that some filming may take place in Chicago after all, something it’s currently not scheduled for.

Finally Manny the Movie Guy says that Catwoman’s cat ears will make an appearance after all – when she takes off her glasses. He says “Catwoman’s goggles, when pulled back like a headband, will take the form of cat’s ears much like the image of Catwoman we all know and loved”

The Avengers
Finally today, Marvel Comics has released a new promo artwork piece for “Road to the Avengers”, upcoming collections of comics to help get fans ready for next year’s team-up project.