New “Star Wars” Trilogy Ending Nebulous

Lawrence Kasdan, the “Star Wars” writer and ‘Force Awakens’ co-scribe, has revealed that the creative team behind the new trilogy of “Star Wars” films that began with the current box-office champ are not quite sure where the new films are headed.

Speaking with The L.A. Times back in October, in an interview that was only published yesterday, Kasdan was asked if he’s contributing much to the story going forward. He responded:

“Not really. [‘The Force Awakens’] sets up a lot of stuff. There’s a lot of people to deal with. And Rian [Johnson, director of “Star Wars: Episode VIII”] took on that job and he’s going to change it, because he’s Rian. And I’m sure Colin [Trevorrow, director of “Star Wars: Episode IX”] will change what Rian does…These movies will all be so different. Rian Johnson is a friend of mine – he’s going to make some weird thing. If you’ve seen Rian’s work, you know it’s not going be like anything that’s ever been in ‘Star Wars.’

We talked about [the ending] – and there’s a certain thing that people who are involved with it feel should happen. There’s a kind of movement that happens. But it’s not in your control. It’s going to veer off with Rian, and it’s going to veer off another way with Colin.”

The Star Wars: Episode VIII script is already completed, but the script for the final one probably won’t be done for quite some time yet.