New “Star Wars” To Redefine Storytelling?

Disney and Lucasfilm seem committed to their new plans to make not just the upcoming “Star Wars” trilogy and spin-offs part of canon, but all future tie-in material as well like TV shows, books, games and theme park attractions.

They are doing this thanks to a story group which will oversee the future of the Star Wars franchise across all media. Lucasfilm announced that back in April, and now an employee tells Bad Ass Digest that they are “going to redefine longform storytelling”. In a lengthy piece on the site, author Devin Faraci says:

“Marvel Studios has shown that multiple franchises can work together to tell one story, and they’ve even played with a bit of transmedia by having Agents of SHIELD peripherally involved.

But Star Wars is about to blow that out of the water; there have been big meetings setting the future of the Star Wars universe, and these meetings are going to impact everything we see from Star Wars moving forward. Everything.

For the first time in franchise history, the arc of the new trilogy is planned out in advance. They’re taking this story someplace, not just picking up the loose ends and figuring out where to go next with each new film. Even with the prequels, which had a predetermined ending, Lucas was kind of making it up as he went along.

That longform vision alone is exciting. But what’s more, they’re going to weave this story through cartoons and books and comics, making every piece of side story count. Star Wars has too long been a central series of movies surrounded by absolutely disposable books, comics and games. No more. You won’t have to know that stuff to follow the main story, but if you do know that stuff you’re going to be rewarded… It’s all going to matter.”

The detailed plans means the change of filmmakers at the helm shouldn’t disrupt the process, it also adds weight to things like the upcoming “Star Wars: Rebels” series as events in that can have implications on events down the line in future movies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought TV-style long-form storytelling to the big screen. It has worked, though sometimes is has resulted in a few issues (eg. “Iron Man 2,” much of the first season of “Agents of SHIELD”). From the sounds of it, the new “Star Wars” is going to be far more serialised and interconnected, great news even if it will likely lead to more nitpicking arguments amongst fans in the future.