New “Star Trek Beyond” Trailer Tomorrow

Following a first trailer a few months ago that left many upset or apathetic, Sony Pictures managed to turn around the buzz to some extent on Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” reboot with a much improved second trailer that went far better than even the studio probably expected.

Tomorrow, the same will hopefully happen again for Paramount Pictures with its upcoming Justin Lin-directed “Star Trek Beyond”. Having released only one trailer so far which was met with a decidedly lackluster response and has seen those involved having to calm down fans who had labelled it “Fast and the Furious in space” and saw even less of “Star Trek” in it than they had seen in the previous “Star Wars”-esque two J.J. Abrams films.

Paramount has since kept very quiet about the film, nothing really surfacing from it beyond a few stills. That changes tomorrow with writer and actor Simon Pegg confirming that a new trailer will be launched online then. Check out the tweet: