New Spider-Man To Be Much Younger

With Andrew Garfield now confirmed to no longer be playing Peter Parker in the new Marvel-approved Sony “Spider-Man” film, and suggestions of replacements already flying thick and fast, one thing has become clear – they’re going young.

Variety reports that despite the press release on Monday night which mentions Peter Parker by name, the studio is still trying to decide whether to stick with him or use a different incarnation of the character such as the more recent mixed-race Miles Morales.

What is certain though is the character will go back to high school in the next films according to sources for the trade. Unlike the previous films, the plan is also to spend more time in the setting and explore his relationships with other students.

Said sources add that Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman, both currently twenty-three years old, are under consideration for the part but no-one has been approached yet. A new director is being sought for the standalone film and getting them locked down will reportedly happen before they select a new Spider-Man, whichever incarnation of the character they ultimately go with.