New “Spider-Man” Game Won’t Allow Murder

One of the most talked about game presentations at this past week’s E3 gaming convention was the demo reel from Insomniac’s upcoming open world “Spider-Man” video game.

Kotaku recently spoke with creative director Bryan Intihar who confirmed that Spider-Man will never kill anybody in the game – contingency animations are in place, like slinging baddies back onto rooftops, rather than letting them fall off buildings.

“It’s certain scenarios we’ve put him in, certain abilities he’ll do during combat to prevent people from dying. So whether it’s about deciding where stuff gets placed or how it unfolds, Spider-Man’s not gonna be killing people. That’s not the game we want to make.”

This was seen in the demo reel which saw Spider-Man saving the lives of several goons by slinging them away from dangers, same with Spidey saving civilians from debris. Intihar says the development team wants it to feel like there are authentic stakes to your actions:

“We don’t want you to feel like you’re beating up guys just for the sake of beating up guys. We do have scenarios where there aren’t civilians around, but we also want to push the feeling of being a hero in New York City. Spider-Man is its protector. Whether someone’s calling him a menace or not, he feels responsible for it.”

In the game you also get to play Peter Parker in regular civilian guise. Intihar says:

“Peter Parker is integral to the character. In our game, you’re gonna see Peter a lot in story and in gameplay. He has a job. He just graduated college, and he has his first job as a scientist.”

The campaign will be single-player-only, no co-op, and is mostly open-world exploration and acrobatic combat with inspiration from games like the “Uncharted” series.