New “Spider-Man” Costume Secretly Teased?

Tom Holland is expected to begin shooting his scenes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man on the set of Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War” in Atlanta around this time. It has previously been revealed that a new costume has already been designed and is ready to go, with directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo helming the young actor’s first time out in the iconic threads.

Now, a mysterious Twitter account has emerged and was discovered by BirthMoviesDeath. Rumored to be maintained by the Russos themselves according to their source, the new account includes a bunch of vague close-up photos said to be taken directly from the set including shots of a red and black costume and props such as a plaque speculated to say ‘The Sokovia Accords’.

Before word of the account was leaked, it was also reportedly being followed by only a handful of people including a director’s assistant on ‘Civil War’, a key Marvel casting agent, and Disney’s own VP of global marketing. Check out a sampling of the photos below: