New “Shazam,” “Phoenix,” “Godzilla” Posters

New Shazam Phoenix Godzilla Posters

Ahead of Brazilian Comic Con (CCXP18) this coming weekend, new posters are out for “Shazam,” “Dark Phoenix” and “”.

Zachary Levi shared a new “Shazam!” poster on his Instagram and at the same time confirmed a new trailer is coming in the new year. In addition a Comic-Con hand-drawn exclusive poster for the film has also been revealed. David F. Sandberg is directing the film which opens April 5th.

Next is a new CCXP18 exclusive poster for the new “X-Men” film “Dark Phoenix,” one which evokes the style of classic John Byrne-era X-Men comics. Simon Kinberg directs “Dark Phoenix” which hits theaters on June 7th 2019.

Finally a standee at the Comic Con for “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” has been photographed and put online, the shotis a pretty spectacular underwater still image of the titular reptile staring down a submarine.