New Sequels Fall Flat At The U.S. Box-Office

Following a summer in which sequels seemed to underperform, it looks as though the trend is continuing into the Fall with both “Blair Witch” and “Bridget Jones’s Baby” fizzling out on arrival.

The pair opened to a mere $9.7 million and $8.2 million respectively over the weekend, far behind the Tom Hanks-led “Sully” which pulled in $22 million in its second weekend. Word of mouth on “Sully” has been strong with the film performing well in red-and-blue U.S. states so far and racking up a $70 million domestic haul so far.

As ‘Blair’ cost just $5 million to produce, the film will be profitable for Lionsgate, but weak reviews and a D CinemaScore suggests this is not a potential franchise re-launcher so further sequels are unlikely. Going in to the weekend the film was estimated to be headed for up to a $20 million opening so the sub-$10M amount is disappointing.

‘Bridget’ cost $35 million to produce and has already pulled in $30 million overseas so it too will likely end up in the black, but not enough to guarantee further entries. One original, Oliver Stone’s biopic “Snowden,” didn’t fare much better than the others and came in fourth with $8.0 million despite quite good reviews.

Source: Variety