New Release Dates For “Creed,” “Point Beak”

The shift of “Mission: Impossible 5” out of the Christmas period and onto a July 31st release date has had a knock-on effect with several other films scoring changed dates.

Alcon Entertainment has essentially swapped dates with ‘Mission,’ moving out of the July 31st date and into the Christmas Day weekend slot. The move reportedly gives the $100+ million budget project more time to perfect its complicated visual effects and stunts.

Alcove CEO Andrew Kosove tells Deadline: “When they moved onto our date, I thought, ‘Oh, what a great opportunity,’. We have a lot of visual effects and we want as much time as we can get. It’s massively, massively helpful.”

Kosove also isn’t worried about competition from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” citing 2009’s Christmas weekend where both “Avatar” and “Sherlock Holmes” went on to great success.

Meanwhile, MGM has announced a November 25th release date for “Creed,” the upcoming “Rocky” spinoff film starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson. That film opens the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and an already packed holiday period with Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur,” Ridley Scott’s “The Martian,” a Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Xmas comedy, and the sci-fi chase tale “Midnight Special”.

In other release date news, Relativity has set a May 8th release date for “Somnia” – the new horror tale from “Oculus” helmer Mike Flanagan. The story revolves around an orphaned child whose dreams – and nightmares – manifest physically as he sleeps.

Finally, Image Entertainment has scored the rights to Joe Dante’s zombie comedy “Burying the Ex” starring Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene and and Alexandra Daddario. That film is expected to be released in theaters and on VOD in the summer.