New Promos: Innocents, Ash, Legion, Silicon

It has been a busy day for TV promos with four new trailers both preceeding and following Netflix’s big “Lost in Space” announcement trailer launch this morning.

Kicking things off is a truly beautiful trailer for “The Innocents,” a new British supernatural mini-series about a pair of young lovers who run away to start their lives over, but quickly realise nothing is at it seems. Guy Pearce, Percelle Ascott and Sorcha Groundsel star in the UK and Norway shot series.

Next comes the trailer for the third season of Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” which kicks off with Bruce Campbell in a tank taking on the hordes of the undead. The next season returns on February 25th.

Then there’s a new Aubrey Plaza-centered promo for the second season of FX’s “Legion”. Though there’s some brief shots of footage from the episodes, most of this is weird meta craziness that fits in line with the first season. “Legion” returns later this year.

Finally there’s the first trailer for the fifth season of HBO’s comedy “Silicon Valley” which returns March 25th.