New Potter, Holmes, Lantern Dates

Warner Bros. has essentially mapped out their release schedule for their major tentpoles and blockbusters for not only 2010, but 2011 as well. Here’s ‘Zephyr’ with the breakdown:

The Hangover
The Todd Phillips-directed comedy has moved up one week from June 12th 2009 to June 5th.

Sherlock Holmes
The Guy Ritchie-directed redux starring Robert Downey Jr. as the famous detective has moved back from November 13th, where it would have had to have competed against Roland Emmerich’s “2012” and Dwayne Johnson-led “The Tooth Fairy”, to December 25th 2009.

Did You Hear About The Morgans
The Hugh Grant/Sarah Jessica Parker romantic comedy has moved up one week from December 25th 2009 to December 18th, where it will act as counter-programming to Avatar.

Couple of Dicks
The pun-laced comedy is due to come out January 29th 2010.

Clash of the Titans
The Louis Leterrier-directed remake of the Greek mythology epic will come out March 26th 2010, where it will face Dreamworks Animation’s “How To Train Your Dragon”.

Law Abiding Citizen
The Overture drama-thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler will also come out March 26th 2010.

The mysterious sci-fi project from Christopher Nolan has been geared as a major summer tentpole as it will come out July 16th 2010. However, it will have to face Marvel Studios’ “Thor”. The film that ends up moving depends on which film is able to go on schedule production-wise. Whichever film moves will likely move a month up to June, which is still vacated in regards to an action tentpole.

Jonah Hex
The western adaptation starring Josh Brolin and John Malkovich will come out August 6th 2010.

The upcoming project from Zack Snyder will come out earlier than expected, October 8th 2010, rather than an anticipated Spring 2011 date.

The Factory
The John Cusack-led thriller will come out October 22nd 2010.

Green Lantern
The DC Comics adaptation, now officially being directed by “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell, will come out December 17th 2010.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II
The final film of the Harry Potter franchise will come out July 15th 2011, eight months after “Deathly Hallows, Part I” and four months before the tenth anniversary of The Sorcerer’s Stone, against Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers”. Though it will likely be awhile before either one of these films budge, it is likely that “The Avengers” may just move up two weeks to July 1st to claim the Fourth of July weekend.

The scheduling now gives May 2011 the breathing room to contain both “The First Avenger: Captain America” and “Spider-Man IV”, which will likely come out Memorial Day Weekend on May 27th. However, it remains to be seen if Chris Nolan’s third “Batman” film will come out in Summer 2011; and if so, where it could come out. It would likely have to settle for a June 2011 release unless it decided to have a holiday release.