New Photos From “Doom Patrol” Premiere

New Photos From Doom Patrol Premiere

DC Universe has released new photos from the upcoming TV series adaptation of the comic “Doom Patrol”. First teased as part of the first season of “Titans” with several of its characters appearing in an episode, the group now get their own full show which kicks off this Friday February 15th.

As we know, the series stars Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele/Robotman, Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor/Negative Man, April Bowlby as Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade as Victor Stone/Cyborg, Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder and Alan Tudyk as the villain Mr. Nobody.

Series creator Jeremy Carver tells Slashfilm the Grant Morrison run of the comics in the 1990s is their jumping off point, but the show dips into the Silver Age and so characters like Celsius, Lodestone, Danny the Street and the Beard Hunter also appear.

While Fraser and Bomer mostly provide voice work, both actors appear in flashbacks to their character’s lives and glimpses of them doing such scenes are in the photos below.