New Photo Of Cavill In Reeves’ Superman Suit

Filmmaker Zack Snyder has shared the photo he took to prove to Warner Bros. Pictures that actor Henry Cavill was his Superman.

When Cavill was auditioning for the title role in 2013’s “Man of Steel,” test shots were taken of him dressed in a replica of Christopher Reeve’s iconic superhero costume. Snyder shared a black-and-white image in a make-up room last year, but now comes a full in-color test shot.

Snyder released the shot through his Vero social media account, saying: “This was the shot I did to show the studio that this was my Superman… they agreed. Got the suit from Warner archives and Henry honored its Legacy – Happy birthday, my brother.”

A direct sequel to “Man of Steel” has been discussed for some time, though one hasn’t been formally announced yet.

Source: EW