New “Outlander” Season 2 Photo, Details

Fans of Ronald D. Moore’s TV series adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” novels have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation of that show’s second season due to kick off in Spring next year on Starz.

Today, EW has released a new photo of the leads Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as WWII English combat nurse Claire Randall and 18th century Scottish clansman Jamie Fraser respectively.

This season is based on the second novel “Dragonfly in Amber” and sees the pair head to the French Royal Court where they become embroiled in the politics of the time as they attempt to thwart the Battle of Culloden.

The show’s costume designer Terry Dresbach also spoke with the mag about how the style of the new season differs:

“We figured out recently that we’ve made over 10,000 items for season 2 and acquired another 5,000 shoes. Knowing that was in front of us… it was a monumental task. We started thinking about it halfway through season 1. It’s a completely different kind of clothing.

In Scotland, there is not a ton of research out there about what they wore. It was a rough place. But France [in the 18th century] was one of the most well-documented periods of fashion in the world, so you better get it right. There is no wiggle room.

Everything has to be sumptuous and lavish and every inch is beaded and embroidered. This is why I came back into the business to do this show. Getting to do 18th century French court is a designer’s dream. It’s fabulous.”

The series is also expected to sport a whole different tone in the second season which will be intriguing to see as the show’s first season ran from romantic and adventurous at first to delivering some of the darkest scenes ever put to television in its final few episodes. The new season will boast scenes set in both the 1740s and 1960s.

No specific premiere date is yet set other than a general Spring release.