New Order Are Back In Control

Anonto Corbijn’s Ian Curtis biopic “Control” has been filming for some time now, and The Newcastle Sentinel uncovered some small bits of new information whilst speaking with extras on the set.

New Order, the band Joy Division became after Ian’s death, have recorded the film’s soundtrack, and the score is also expected to include music by the Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Roxy Music.

The band made of actors are actually going to perform in the film as well in several scenes. Members of the Black Cobra kick-boxing club were enlisted to act as bouncers during a riot at a Joy Division gig.

Producer Orlan Williams adds “Even the decision to film in black and white is important. When people read about the band the first time, everything was in black and white – the photographs, the NME”.

The project hits UK cinemas in September.