New “Obi-Wan,” “Dark Universe” Rumors

Yesterday a rumor sprung up via tabloid site TMZ who claimed to have an official synopsis for the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie – the long rumored to be next entry in the ‘A Star Wars Story’ anthology film series with Stephen Daldry attached as helmer.

According to their report, Obi-Wan comes out of hiding on Tatooine due to tensions between the local farmers and a tribe of Sand People. However, that report has since been quickly shot down due to it being a copy of the synopsis for an old novel in the ‘expanded universe’ line.

The next rumor du jour in the past 24 hours or so is that Universal’s seemingly collapsed Dark Universe initiative – a linked monster movie cinematic universe – may still have some life left in it. Artist Robert Vargas posted on his Instagram account that he had a meeting with some of the folks at Universal who are in charge of what’s left of the Dark Universe. They reportedly want Vargas to do some artwork for them related to ‘monster things’.

Screenwriter Ed Solomon previously said the studio was reconfiguring their plans for the franchise moving forward.