New “Ninja Turtles” Character Design Details

A lengthy report featuring descriptions of the toyline tie-in for the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film reboot has gone up at Idle Hands. The descriptions give us an idea of the character designs we can expect to see in the new film which has already been shot ahead of a release in August.

They say the turtles themselves will actually look like turtles, and feature “less texture” and “less cartoonish eyes” than the previous live-action 1990s versions. Raphael and Leonardo have big muscles, Donatello is lean and Michelangelo is short.

The mask colors remain the same, as do their weapons, but the outfits differ considerably. Leonardo is in samurai gear, Donatello’s is part-samurai and part high-tech, Raphael’s is more modern and boasts a leather loin cloth, while Michelangelo is dressed in a hoodie and sneakers.

Splinter wears a “samurai nub” with “Fu Manchu facial hair” along with a tattered blue-and-gold samurai outfit. Shredder’s costume is said to be “over-complicated” and covered in blades from head to toe aside from the arms which are almost bare. Even the cape is fitted with sharp objects that can be whipped around.

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