New “Need for Speed” Trailer Hits

The next trailer has arrived for the film adaptation of the video game series “Need for Speed”. One thing you won’t be seeing in the film is “Fast and Furious” style car stunts that defy the laws of physics.

Director Scott Waugh tells /Film that car films from the 1970s and 1980s were the inspiration for this film because all the stunts were done for real and in-camera:

“I’m all about practicality because I believe that, if you break the rules of physics in stunt work, you break the rules of character jeopardy. If a car can jump off a moving train that’s 40 feet high and land and keep going, then a person can take a bullet and keep going, too. [In reality] if a car crashes, it ain’t going anywhere.”

This means as much as possible was done practically with real drivers in the cars, and star Aaron Paul in as many shots as they could get him. It also meant taking a hell of a lot of time to find roadway locations with the right angles and lengths for them to pull off some wild stunts such as the bridge flipping and ‘flying Mustang’ scenes you can see in the trailer below: