“New Mutants” Could Be Delayed To November?

New Mutants Could Be Delayed To Nov

Fox’s “The New Mutants” remains somewhat in limbo. The movie, originally aiming to be an R-rated and more horror-centric spin-off of the “X-Men” franchise along with a potential trilogy launcher, is stuck.

Having launched a first trailer back in October 2017 ahead of a mid-2018 release, the movie was ultimately delayed by more than a year to August this year. At the time it was said the project would undergo a massive retooling with extensive reshoots that originally were planned to kick off in September last year.

We’re now in January and those reshoots haven’t happened yet, with studio 20th Century Fox and director Josh Boone still trying to nail the film’s tone down. Merc with a Podcast (via CBM has now weighed in today saying Fox may once again delay the film – this time to early November.

The site also says the possibility of the film going straight to Hulu in October is there, with the impending closure of the Disney-Fox merger also not really helping the film’s fate. Its indicated Fox originally wanted a softer cut of the film and Boone ultimately agreed and delivered, but now Fox is trying to get scary elements back into the movie with some cuts around the studio being PG-13 while others were said to be more akin to something like “Hereditary”.

For now, the film is still holding on its August 2nd release.