New “Mummy” & “Kingsman” Featurettes

Two featurettes are out today, going into details about a supporting character and element respectively of upcoming major action films with a genre bent.

The first is for “The Mummy” with the new clip boasting various bits of footage from Alex Kurtzman’s reboot of the property starring Tom Cruise. The clip’s focus though is on Sofia Boutella’s Princess Ahmanet who becomes the creature, and how the character undergoes ‘five stages’ of transformation throughout the film.

The second is for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming over the top spy movie sequel which sees Taron Egerton and Mark Strong’s operatives surviving a bomb blast and having to enlist the help of the Kingsman’s U.S. cousins – the Statesman.

The Kingsman had headquarters access in a Saville Row tailor shop in the first film. In the sequel, the Statesman access their facility via a whiskey distillery in Kentucky. So the producers thought why not do some product placement at the same time.

The result is this clip which, although has some new footage, is really more an ad for Brown-Forman Distillers’ Old Forester Bourbon which has a special ‘Statesman’ edition tie-in to the film.

“The Mummy” opens on June 9th, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” hits September 22nd.