New Movie Pass Pricing Plans Announced

The Movie Pass subscription service has officially announced (via Engadget) their new pricing plans with the lower end of a new three-tiered and three level scale coming in at just $15.

Pricing depends upon geography and which market you live within – the more highly populated an area, the more expensive. People who get the pass will have the option of two, three or unlimited films. Here’s the breakdown:

Tier 1 markets: $15 for 2 movies; $22 for 3 movies; and $40 for unlimited

Tier 2 markets: $18 for 2 movies; $27 for 3 movies; and $45 unlimited

Tier 3 markets: $21 for 2 movies; $31 for 3 movies; $50 for unlimited

The 24-hour window between movie ticket purchases on unlimited plans is also apparently being pulled, as are cancellation fees and full-year commitments. However, the new plans still don’t allow you to buy tickets for 3D and IMAX or to buy tickets online in advance.

Subscribers can take advantage of the new price plans in September.