New Moon & Hobbit Filming Details

Two highly anticipated chapters in established film series are in the early stages of production and over the weekend came updates on their progress.

First up, actress Kristen Stewart told KiisFM’s Ryan Seacrest over the weekend that the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon” begins filming this coming March according to STYD.

Better yet though is that distributor Summit Entertainment was initially reluctant to include location shooting for the Italy-set portions of the film, but thanks to the first film’s success it seems that the cast and crew will get to go continental after all for the filming.

Meanwhile director Guillermo del Toro did a BD-Live chat for “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” Blu-ray users and confirmed that a shoot lasting just over a year – 370 days to be precise – will commence in 2010 for the two “The Hobbit” films.

He added that we will see the as much of the goblin kindgom, Smaug and the Spiders of Mirkwood that he can include – “we will be pushing them to the edge of technology where we will fuse animatronics and cgi into a seamless new art form in creating creatures” he stated during the chat.