New “Mass Effect” Under Fire For Animation

Every year, the gaming community loves to throw at least one if not two high profile games into the fire as a sacrificial lamb.

Last year both “No Man’s Sky” and “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” were the victims burned alive at the altar of public opinion, even before they came out, due to false advertising and genericness respectively. Turns out 2017 may have already found its first victim.

Reviews aren’t officially out yet for BioWare’s “Mass Effect Andromeda,” but some outlets have already snuck out early reactions. At the same time, the first few hours of the game have been made available for some players to tackle.

The results have been strange. Two professional reviewers, most notably one at a UK outlet, utterly slammed the game even as several others spent almost all their reactions praising it. Not unexpectedly, the negative one is what has spread far and wide.

Yet the criticisms they lob aren’t entirely without a point as numerous players have now taken to social media to show off glitches they’ve encountered with the epic game’s character animation. Characters waddling, standing around with their arms straight out, and getting into fights where the fists aren’t connecting all confirm there’s some issues that need some working out.

The character facial animations in dialogue sequences, where they are the most important, have come under the most fire and it has been reported those problems won’t be patched by or before launch.

Things have also taken a nasty turn as the GamerGate movement has become involved with an online harassment campaign targeting a former female EA employee blaming her for the poor animations. Bioware has since issued a statement indicating she wasn’t in a leadership role at the studio.

We’ll find out what the game’s like for ourselves when it hits stores this coming Tuesday March 21st.

Source: Polygon