New “Mass Effect,” “Horizon” Gameplay Footage

While people debate the specs and the power of the mid-generation console war which has ignited with the PS4 Pro announcement and the release of Xbox One S and tease of Project Scorpio, lets look at the thing that got actual gamers excited about yesterday’s Sony press conference – namely the games.

Two titles in particular – the PS4 exclusive “Horizon Zero Dawn” and the next chapter in the “Mass Effect” franchise with “Mass Effect Andromeda” – showed off new gameplay footage and it was frankly beautiful. Check out the clips below.

“Mass Effect Andromeda” continues on from the popular trilogy and serves as a minor reboot of the series, taking place in another galaxy and many years after the events of the originals. ‘Horizon’ follows an archer who lives in a lush world overrun by robots. Both titles are targeting a release around March next year.