New “Luke Cage” S2 & “Gotham” S4 Promos

Mike Colter drops his self-seriousness and just has fun in a new 50-second promo trailer which Netflix has just released for the second season of “Marvel’s Luke Cage”.

In the clip, Luke takes part in athletic tryouts to show off just how much power he has in his bulletproof and superhuman strength-filled body. Thirteen new episodes of the series are set to hit Netflix on June 22nd.

Also today, FOX has released a new trailer for the next few episodes of the fourth season of “Gotham” which will deal with what happens in the wake of Jerome’s death including the rise of a Harlequin-like figure, Jerome’s chaotic wake, and the return of his twin Jeremiah.

The Joker portents are stronger than ever here, though there’s nothing further mentioned of that other event that’s expected to close out the season – an earthquake that will lead into the “No Man’s Land” storyline for next season.