New “Logan” Photos, Trailer Date Set?

A relatively recent phenomenon thanks to social media has been the clamouring of fans to see trailers. Some have gone past the point of disrespect and have moved toward outright aggressive, hostile and harassing behaviour to see a preview.

James Gunn kept getting asked so many times for the first trailer to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” he had to vent his frustrations in a long Facebook post that slightly quelled – but hardly stopped – the demand.

This week “Logan” director James Mangold has been feeling the brunt of that attention and has had to let his frustration fly with a Twitter message explaining why we haven’t seen the second “Logan” trailer yet:

“To all asking directors (like me) to drop a trailer, please know, its not like we sit on them waiting for best worded tweet to move us. Directors have influence over many things. Even dates. But the dates chosen for a trailer drop are result of much corporate planning. And once these dates are set, there is nothing that is going to make a worldwide distribution machine change course. Even eager fans. I think its clear somethings coming. Very soon. So instead of wasting another moment of your precious life typing about it, breathe and live.”

The latest rumored premiere date for the new trailer is this coming Thursday morning according to Trailer Track which also says a new “Ghost in the Shell” trailer will hit later the same day.

Mangold has also released three new images from “Logan” which you can see below. “Logan” opens in cinemas on March 3rd.