New Live Action He-Man Planned

He-Man is coming back. It’s now confirmed that producer Joel Silver and Warner Bros. Pictures are moving forward with a planned “Masters of the Universe” live-action film adaptation of the famous Mattel toyline and 1980’s animated series.

The producer and studio are in negotiations with Mattel to acquire the rights to the property. Newcomer Justin Marks, who recently scored a co-writing gig with David Goyer on the Green Arrow prison film “SuperMax,” has been brought on board to pen the adaptation.

To quickly summarise the character back history – the very well muscled warrior He-Man – with his blond bob, tiny chrome singlet, fur speedo and calf-high boots – took on the mighty hordes of Skeletor – an equally buff, blue & purple spandex-clad nut job prone to delusions of grandeur resembling those of crystal meth-addicted twinks.

The new version reimagines the property as Prince Adam (He-Man) being a solider who stumbles upon the magical world Eternia where the evil Skeletor is using a technology-fueled army to wipe out all traces of magic.

The property was previously turned into a 1987 feature starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella and Robert Duncan McNeill.