New Line Rebooting “Police Academy”

New Line has set out to reboot the “Police Academy” franchise says The Hollywood Reporter.

The original seven-film comedy series setup the premise that due to a policy change the police department must accept all willing recruits, effectively abolishing various standards.

The films followed a group of misfit recruits including a likeable rogue, a busty blond, a small mousy woman with a loud angry voice, a gentle giant, a gun-nut and a one-man sound effects machine. Normally set up to fail by an ambitious captain, the group always ends up saving the day for their boss – the kind yet clueless Commandant Lassard.

The first film was R-rated and took in $81.2 million at the domestic box-office and $146 million worldwide in 1984 – making it easily one of the year’s biggest hits. Criticisms grew, box-office shrank and the jokes got cleaner with each subsequent sequel so that by the time 1994’s PG-rated “Police Academy: Mission to Moscow” came out, it took in a mere $126,247 at the box-office.

It’s hoped this reboot will not only revitalise the brand but will mix a bunch of new talent with seasoned comedy veterans. No word yet on what tone the comedy will take – the raunchier, edgier comedy of the early films or the kid-friendly slapstick of the later ones.

Paul Maslansky, who produced the originals, will return in that capacity but no writer or director is yet attached.